Working Towards Non-Profit

If you didn't already know, EMBL3M is currently filled as a For Profit Partnership between Colin Reilley, and Melissa Bowers, in Cayuga County New York.

This was a decision made by both Colin and Melissa, so that they could begin to gain the funds to become a Non-Profit Organization.

As we begin our journey to becoming a Non-Profit Organization, we wanted to update our website to look more like a website that a Non-Profit Organization would have. All of the same features are still here, just in a bit of a different format.

As we continue down this road, we plan to add more features, such as a forum, where teens and peers can come safely and connect with other teens and peers across the world, who maybe struggling through many of the same things. Building a forum like this takes a lot of time. We want to make sure that your information is safe, and that people are not commenting things that are mean or hurtful, as we are trying to build a safe space on the internet for teens to come and be themselves, and express themselves in ways that they may not be able to on other social media platforms.

Stay tuned for updates on when we begin collecting donations for becoming a Non-Profit.

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