Whats Next?

Hello EMBL3M Followers,

We got big news! We are coming back very soon!

Our first piece of big news is that we are going to be accepting applications for member to sit on our Board of Directors! Keep your eyes out here on our website and on our social media for when that announcement is made!

We are excited to be bring new eyes, ears, and faces to the front page of EMBL3M! Coming to the conclusion that we can no longer do it on our own was hard. With extensive research and more, we are excited to bring new ideas to the plate! If you have ideas, and ways that we can excel as an organization, please fill out the application when it goes live!

We are excited to have you join us here at EMBL3M!

Yours Truly,

Colin Reilley (Chief Executive Officer) and Melissa Bowers (Chief Operating Officer)

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